ClimateAction Center's Guide to E-Bikes
Everything you need to know: how they work, how efficient they are, what are the different types, what to look for when buying, where to buy, subsidies and incentives, how to prevent theft

Blue Heron Bikes
A local bicycle shop offering a diversity of bike types—including cargo and electric—dedicated to selling and servicing bicycles as transportation.

Rockridge Two Wheels (scooters and e-bikes), Berkeley Honda Yamaha (scooters), Richmond Motorsports (scooters), Prowheels LLC, 4036 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante (scooters)

Most Vespa-style scooters are gasoline powered, but electric scooters are coming on the market

Microcars and neighborhood electric vehicles: Eli Electric Vehicles, Arcimoto, GEM, Microlino, Citroen AMI, Renault Twizy

These lightweight electric cars are in the news, but not widely available yet in the United States.